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Thanks to everyone who keeps coming out and checking out the site.  Never did we think that we would have had so many people come out to the site to check out our photos and recipes and participate in our contest.

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You voted for it and you’ve got it – not only is it pan-frying week but it’s also DOUBLE POINTS WEEK and I hope you’re as excited as we are.

There are almost as many ways to put heat to food as there are weeks in this challenge, but pan-frying is one of the ones that you’ll use almost every time you’re in the kitchen.  Pan frying uses the process of conduction and plenty of contact  with the surface area of the food to encouragesbrowning, caramelization and flavor production (the Maillard reaction – for you chemistry nerds); which makes it a must-have skill for any cook.

One of the tricky parts of pan frying is that it can be difficult to control the temperature of your oil when you’re using such a small amount; so be careful, this isn’t one of those times to set the stovetop to HIGH and let it rip.  Keep an eye (and a nose) on what’s in the pan at all times.  This week features some great dishes that push the difficulty to a level that we haven’t seen yet in the challenge and leaves us guessing which is going to be your favorite: the Scallops with Gnocchi, Brussels Sprouts, and Apple-Bacon Gastrique or the Pistachio-Panko Crusted Halibut with Orange Béarnaise Sauce?

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And the (week three) winner is…

Congratulations to Will!

His Cheddar Bacon Stout Soup was the winning dish in the SOUPS Challenge!

Thanks to everyone who visited the site to vote especially to the ladies over at Big Girls Small Kitchen for their social media support.

Don’t forget to vote below for February’s DOUBLE POINTS WEEK  and check in later for photos and recipes from January’s double points week the PAN FRYING CHALLENGE.

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Stay tuned this week for Superbowl snacks, road trip cuisine and (maybe) a special announcement!


Greetings from Quebec

Hello friends and greetings from Canada.  While Rob is spending the weekend down in balmy Baltimore, I’ve hit the road to experience the frozen wonder that is the Quebec Winter Carnival.  I’ve brought my camera and will diligently photo-journalize the trip (mostly the food, but I’lll try for a few shots of the Bonhomme – the third creepiest mascot of all time) and publish it next week in a new (albeit infrequent) 52WCC segment about road trip cuisine.

I took the time out from eating poutine and drinking Caribu (the drink, not the favorite hunting target of Sarah Palin) to do two things: (1) to remind you that there’s only one day left to vote for your favorite dish in the SOUPS CHALLENGE and (2) to let you know that voting has opened up today on FEBRUARY’S DOUBLE POINTS WEEK (below) and will remain open until next Sunday.

Have a great weekend and take care of America for me while I’m gone.

– Will


It’s cold out, everyone’s planning ski trips, and every other person you know is getting sick – best time of the year for a soup challenge.  This week’s submissions feature Black Garlic Shrimp and Vegetable and Cheddar Bacon Stout Soups – which do you want to see show up in your bowl during your apres-ski dinner?

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And the (week two) winner is…

Congratulations to Rob!

His Chile-Citrus Soy Glazed Ribs were the winning dish in the CHINESE Challenge!

Thanks to everyone who visited the site to vote.

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This week’s SOUPS challenge pictures and recipes will be posted later tonight after the football games.

Late addendum –  a very Happy New Year to all of you celebrating the Chinese New Year today.  Happy cooking in the year of the dragon!


The Leftover Diaries: Volume II

When a recipe give you lemons…make lemon-infused olive oil.  If you’re making a recipe that calls for the juice of a lemon but leaves the flavorful peel behind, why not try your hand and making your own infused olive oil (its cheaper than buying specialty infused oils in the store and doesn’t involve preservatives and artificial flavors).  It … Continue reading