Greetings from Quebec

Hello friends and greetings from Canada.  While Rob is spending the weekend down in balmy Baltimore, I’ve hit the road to experience the frozen wonder that is the Quebec Winter Carnival.  I’ve brought my camera and will diligently photo-journalize the trip (mostly the food, but I’lll try for a few shots of the Bonhomme – the third creepiest mascot of all time) and publish it next week in a new (albeit infrequent) 52WCC segment about road trip cuisine.

I took the time out from eating poutine and drinking Caribu (the drink, not the favorite hunting target of Sarah Palin) to do two things: (1) to remind you that there’s only one day left to vote for your favorite dish in the SOUPS CHALLENGE and (2) to let you know that voting has opened up today on FEBRUARY’S DOUBLE POINTS WEEK (below) and will remain open until next Sunday.

Have a great weekend and take care of America for me while I’m gone.

– Will


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