Introduced to the American public as the “Crock Pot” in 1971, slow-cooking has been a staple of modern Americana.  It’s no coincidence that at a time when the American economy was reeling and the women’s liberation movement was in its quick ascendancy, that the popular form of cooking would involve a process that could both tenderize cheaper cuts of more flavorful meat and also facilitate keeping the cooks out of the kitchen for the day.  While the use of the slow-cooker may have waned since the early days of its introduction, the process (whether in a crock pot or in a dutch oven at low temperatures in your hot box) still remains a powerful tool in the kitchen armementarium, especially for those with a lot of of other responsibilities on their plate.   If you’re new to the slow cooking scene, be sure to check out a quick primer from our friends over at BGSK before you go on to vote for your favorite submission of this week: the Coq Au Vin with Dressed Egg Noodles and Braised Leeks or the Green and White Chicken Chili.

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And the (week seven) winner is…

Congratulations to Rob!

His Stuffed Lobster and Crispy Accordion Potatoes was the winning dish in the LOVE-INSPIRED DOUBLE POINTS WEEK Challenge!


As always, thanks to everyone who came out to the site to vote.

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Hump Day Updates

Is it a coincidence that we’re making it a point to post on hump day during Love-Inspired Week?  Of course it is – get your mind out of the gutter… Mom.  We were very excited to see that the  **DOUBLE POINTS WEEK** Love-Inspired Dish is on pace to break the single week voting record, so if you haven’t voted yet, make sure you do so you can be a part of 52WCC history.

   Now that all of the weekly challenges have been posted on Reddit, we are happy to open the voting for our own MARCH MADDNESS event –  Double Points week!  Check out the poll on the sidebar – voting will stay open until next week. (Anyone remember this from the Slam Dunk contest two (?) years ago?  What a cool idea)

Think food blogging is easy?  Are you one of those people who likes to read our posts and laugh at our typo’s and misuse of the English language?  Think you can do better?  Well this may very well be your opportunity.  52WCC is thinking about branching out and adding a guest columnist to add to our already diverse offerings of recipes, techniques and food news.  We are looking for original ideas that could be used as recurrent columns – if you have a sweet tooth you may want to write about desserts or if you’re an avid cook book collector you may want to write some cook book reviews. If you think you have what it takes to earn the title of food blogger, shoot us an email at 52WeekCC@gmail.com and let us know that you’re interested!


Whether you’re a hopeless romantic or a hapless relationship-phobe, it’s hard to not recognize the cultural significance of Valentine’s Day, the obvious inspiration for this week’s **DOUBLE POINTS WEEK** Love-Inspired Challenge.  Though the holiday has it’s roots in the brutal murder of an early Catholic priest, we have historically chosen this day in February to shower our beloved with flowers, chocolate, candy made from Pepto-bismol and, of course, fancy food.  Which one of these love-inspired dishes is going to inspire you to try your hand at a homemade V-Day next year (and just maybe lead to a special dessert… so to speak): the Strawberry Caviar with Fresh Creamand  Shortbread Toast Points or the Stuffed Lobster with Crispy Accordion Potatoes?

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And the (week six) winner is…

Congratulations to Rob!

His Moqueca e Pão de Queijo was the winning dish in the BRAZILIAN Challenge!

Thanks to everyone who visited and voted!

This week is February’s **DOUBLE POINTS WEEK** so keep an eye out for when we post our LOVE-INSPIRED dishes and pictures.

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Market Watch: Volume I

As the mild winter slowly gives way to the promise of spring, we debut a new recurring column here on 52WCC that will focus on the fresh and seasonal foods found at your local  markets.  Whether you’re a farmer’s market grazer or a frequent visitor of a small ethic market, check in often to see what we are doing with the fresh foods that are showing up at our markets and what to keep an eye out for when you hit the markets by you.  As always, feel free to share your cooking ideas with us through the comments section of the blog or our facebook page.

Click ahead to check out today’s feature – Chive Blossoms!

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Perhaps known more its ability to produce soccer players and non-stop partying at Carinval in Rio, Brazil is nevertheless an incredible gustatory destination. Inspired by European influences, slave cultures, and indiginous peoples, the flavors of Brazilian cooking very widely depending where you are in the country but are sure to amaze even the most travelled of tongues.

Which one of this week’s entries is going to start a Carnival of it’s own in your mouth: the Moqueca e Pão de Queijo or the Acarajés Modernos.

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And the (week five) winner is…

Congratulations to Will!

His East by Southeast Cocktail with Bourbon-Ginger BBQ Chicken Lollipops was the winning dish in the tightly contested BOOZE Challenge!

Thanks for helping us set a record of 51 votes this week!  We would love it if you can help us break 60 next week!

Stay tuned as the BRAZILIAN dishes and pictures will be posted first thing Monday morning.

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The Leftover Diaries: Volume IV

After the Pan Frying Challenge I had to leave town for a few days and had to leave my beautiful fresh (never-frozen) scallops behind.  I threw them in the freezer so at least they would keep a few days longer, but once I returned I realized that the beautiful texture that one gets with fresh scallops would be ruined after a weekend in the chill chest.  Not having to worry about the texture of the scallops, I set out to use the flavor of the scallop in a different sort of way, which led me to the above – Scallop manicotti.

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The relationship between alcohol and food can only be described as a mutually beneficial one.  Alcohol, in its wine, beer or liquor forms, is a great solvent when used in cooking and can bring out flavors that can’t otherwise be dissolved in oil or water.  Even when not part of a recipe, a well paired drink can compliment a meal by accenting primary flavors or elevating subtle ones.

For this challenge we agreed to try and give you the best of both worlds: a high potency drink to get your night started and a paired amuse-bouche.  The best part is that you won’t even have to provide ID to vote for your favorite: The East by Southeast Cocktail with Bourbon-Ginger BBQ Chicken Lollipops or the Red Stag Manhattan with Peppercorn Crusted Ribeye?

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