The Leftover Diaries: Volume IV

After the Pan Frying Challenge I had to leave town for a few days and had to leave my beautiful fresh (never-frozen) scallops behind.  I threw them in the freezer so at least they would keep a few days longer, but once I returned I realized that the beautiful texture that one gets with fresh scallops would be ruined after a weekend in the chill chest.  Not having to worry about the texture of the scallops, I set out to use the flavor of the scallop in a different sort of way, which led me to the above – Scallop manicotti.

Just throw some of your leftover thawed scallops (I seared mine first to try and get that caramelized scallop flavor to transfer over – it worked!) into your food processor with ricotta cheese, lemon zest and an egg and spin it until it’s a smooth puree.  Fold in some fresh parsley and some chopped and seeded tomatoes and you’ve got the perfect filling for some seafood manicotti (it may seem too loose now, but once it cooks the filling will thicken up because of the egg).  Stuff and bake your manicotti in the standard fashion, leaving them under the broiler for 3 minutes or so if you like your pasta with some crunchy edges.

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