Market Watch: Volume I

As the mild winter slowly gives way to the promise of spring, we debut a new recurring column here on 52WCC that will focus on the fresh and seasonal foods found at your local  markets.  Whether you’re a farmer’s market grazer or a frequent visitor of a small ethic market, check in often to see what we are doing with the fresh foods that are showing up at our markets and what to keep an eye out for when you hit the markets by you.  As always, feel free to share your cooking ideas with us through the comments section of the blog or our facebook page.

Click ahead to check out today’s feature – Chive Blossoms!

H-Mart in Catonsville, MD is fantastic and one of the main reasons for that is due to the cheap, unique, fresh, abundant, and delicious ingredients. In a recent visit, I picked up some delicious produce, namely Chive Blossoms!

Chives are the smallest species of edible onions. This perennial plant is most commonly used as an herb to add a subtle onion flavor. Today however, it is going to be the main ingredient! These chive blossoms have yet to bloom but the buds are completely edible as well as the petals if you happen to get some that have bloomed already. This picture from Wikipedia is a great shot of the flowering bud.

But I digress. Chinese cooking is known for its stir frys and what better way than to cook these delicious greens up than with some shrimp, lots of garlic, and a splash of soy sauce and oyster sauce in a hot wok! Serve with rice or some noodles and you have a fantastic meal whipped up in about 5 minutes!

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