Hello long lost food loving friends! Its been a super super busy past few months! My lovely fiancé, Paige, and I have moved down to downtown Silver Spring! William has moved off to Pittsburgh and is being a brain doctor! I am currently studying for my PE exam and I’m sure Will has some crazy order of exams he needs to partake in as well. Apologies for anyone that was missing out on the delicious food we made in the past!

Whilst the competition has dwindled due to our busy schedules I am going to try to complete the task at hand in whatever spare time I have. Future postings won’t be a regular weekly occurrence but I will try to make them as often as possible. So without further delay, week fourteen’s challenge (we are now in the 37th week of the year! whoops!)

Sanwiches: Pork Belly Banh Mi

Vote Yea or Nay if you think this dish is something you would want!

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