What a busy week!  Russian dishes follow the cheese ones in our first ever DOUBLE DISH WEEK.

You won’t have to travel around the world for these great Russian dishes – they can all be made in your very own kitchen.  Which one would you rather see coming to you from Russia with love, the  Roasted Chicken Borscht or the  Shashlyk (Шашлык) with Roasted Potatoes and Crème Fraiche ? Continue reading



Whether you’re a hopeless romantic or a hapless relationship-phobe, it’s hard to not recognize the cultural significance of Valentine’s Day, the obvious inspiration for this week’s **DOUBLE POINTS WEEK** Love-Inspired Challenge.  Though the holiday has it’s roots in the brutal murder of an early Catholic priest, we have historically chosen this day in February to shower our beloved with flowers, chocolate, candy made from Pepto-bismol and, of course, fancy food.  Which one of these love-inspired dishes is going to inspire you to try your hand at a homemade V-Day next year (and just maybe lead to a special dessert… so to speak): the Strawberry Caviar with Fresh Creamand  Shortbread Toast Points or the Stuffed Lobster with Crispy Accordion Potatoes?

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Perhaps known more its ability to produce soccer players and non-stop partying at Carinval in Rio, Brazil is nevertheless an incredible gustatory destination. Inspired by European influences, slave cultures, and indiginous peoples, the flavors of Brazilian cooking very widely depending where you are in the country but are sure to amaze even the most travelled of tongues.

Which one of this week’s entries is going to start a Carnival of it’s own in your mouth: the Moqueca e Pão de Queijo or the Acarajés Modernos.

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