Challenge Rules

Motivated to join the 52 Week Cooking Challenge, Rob and Will have decided to add a level of hypermasculine competition to the friendly challenge and go head-to-head Iron Chef Style every week over the next year to create some of the finest dishes to grace the internet. You, our loyal friends and followers, will be asked to vote on which dish you would prefer to eat. Pictures, original recipes and general musings will be posted every Sunday night and voting will be open until the following Sunday when the votes will be tallied, the winner revealed, and the dishes un-anonymized (it’s a word, google it).

Each winning week contributes one point to the cook’s total points (with the exception of one two-point week per month) and the winner will be treated to a restaurant dinner of his choosing by the loser at the end of the year (unless, of course, a book deal comes from this blog – in which case our advance will fund a night of decadence at Per Se).

Stay tuned and feel free to participate and submit your own dishes using our comment boards. Your participation (see below for your first opportunity) isn’t just welcomed, but is necessary for us to enjoy this challenge . We hope that you, like us, are looking forward to a fun year of cooking competitively.

Will & Rob


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