What a busy week!  Russian dishes follow the cheese ones in our first ever DOUBLE DISH WEEK.

You won’t have to travel around the world for these great Russian dishes – they can all be made in your very own kitchen.  Which one would you rather see coming to you from Russia with love, the  Roasted Chicken Borscht or the  Shashlyk (Шашлык) with Roasted Potatoes and Crème Fraiche ? Continue reading



Introduced to the American public as the “Crock Pot” in 1971, slow-cooking has been a staple of modern Americana.  It’s no coincidence that at a time when the American economy was reeling and the women’s liberation movement was in its quick ascendancy, that the popular form of cooking would involve a process that could both tenderize cheaper cuts of more flavorful meat and also facilitate keeping the cooks out of the kitchen for the day.  While the use of the slow-cooker may have waned since the early days of its introduction, the process (whether in a crock pot or in a dutch oven at low temperatures in your hot box) still remains a powerful tool in the kitchen armementarium, especially for those with a lot of of other responsibilities on their plate.   If you’re new to the slow cooking scene, be sure to check out a quick primer from our friends over at BGSK before you go on to vote for your favorite submission of this week: the Coq Au Vin with Dressed Egg Noodles and Braised Leeks or the Green and White Chicken Chili.

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The relationship between alcohol and food can only be described as a mutually beneficial one.  Alcohol, in its wine, beer or liquor forms, is a great solvent when used in cooking and can bring out flavors that can’t otherwise be dissolved in oil or water.  Even when not part of a recipe, a well paired drink can compliment a meal by accenting primary flavors or elevating subtle ones.

For this challenge we agreed to try and give you the best of both worlds: a high potency drink to get your night started and a paired amuse-bouche.  The best part is that you won’t even have to provide ID to vote for your favorite: The East by Southeast Cocktail with Bourbon-Ginger BBQ Chicken Lollipops or the Red Stag Manhattan with Peppercorn Crusted Ribeye?

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