The Leftover Diaries: Volume V

Breakfast Tacos

 Time is off the essence and these days it seems like everyone is rushing to get somewhere. A sit down breakfast can be a tall order when you are on the move, so take breakfast to go!

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Hey food fans, please accept our sincere apologies for leaving you hanging without an update over this past week.  Both of our lives have been extremely hectic, but we really enjoy the interaction that this blog brings with all of you and the way it forces us to be creative with our cooking.  This week we will be posting LAST week’s challenge – the Breakfast Challenge and then next week we will post both the Cheese and Russian Challenges to catch up.  Thanks again for your continued support and we hope you continue to enjoy the blog.

Without further ado, which BREAKFAST treat would you prefer to wake up to “Chicken and Waffles” or the  Contemporary Green Eggs and Ham Omelet with Home Fries? Continue reading