Celebrate the Holidays: Happy Pi Day!

Happy Pi Day

Yesterday was Pi Day! As such, what better way to celebrate such a glorious day than by having a delicious slice of Pie!

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Market Watch: Volume I

As the mild winter slowly gives way to the promise of spring, we debut a new recurring column here on 52WCC that will focus on the fresh and seasonal foods found at your local  markets.  Whether you’re a farmer’s market grazer or a frequent visitor of a small ethic market, check in often to see what we are doing with the fresh foods that are showing up at our markets and what to keep an eye out for when you hit the markets by you.  As always, feel free to share your cooking ideas with us through the comments section of the blog or our facebook page.

Click ahead to check out today’s feature – Chive Blossoms!

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Perhaps known more its ability to produce soccer players and non-stop partying at Carinval in Rio, Brazil is nevertheless an incredible gustatory destination. Inspired by European influences, slave cultures, and indiginous peoples, the flavors of Brazilian cooking very widely depending where you are in the country but are sure to amaze even the most travelled of tongues.

Which one of this week’s entries is going to start a Carnival of it’s own in your mouth: the Moqueca e Pão de Queijo or the Acarajés Modernos.

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It’s cold out, everyone’s planning ski trips, and every other person you know is getting sick – best time of the year for a soup challenge.  This week’s submissions feature Black Garlic Shrimp and Vegetable and Cheddar Bacon Stout Soups – which do you want to see show up in your bowl during your apres-ski dinner?

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